Friday, April 30, 2010

Correction: Pacci's now open!!

I know last night I wrote that Pacci's would not be open till this evening, but they are already open. So you better get over there.

If you can believe it, they sold 43 pies in the first hour alone. I'm also told they WILL be serving beer and wine tonight. So you don't have to get liquored up elsewhere, you can now do it while chowing down on your pizza. Sometimes life is good.


Anonymous said...

Saw your post before leaving work so went over there. Couple of first impressions. They have a lot of kinks to work out (some choices were printed out incorrectly, speaker issues..) though it's obviously the first day they're open so can't really judge.

The pizza's aren't exactly large, more like bigger than usual personal pizzas. People should know this especially before picking up a pie... the staff person helping us was very friendly but insisted that they don't do personal pizzas, but we left still hungry (3 of us).

They are NOT doing wine or beer tonight, they start that tomorrow. They also said that they are going to open in the morning, but don't know when, perhaps a week from now. I hope their website gets more detailed over time regarding that.

The food was very very good, we shared the La Diavola and had the La Sorrentinella for appetizer. Both tasty...

The drive thru is not open yet, no word on when it will be.

Also, I'm looking at a printout menu right now and the cheapest bottle of wine they have to offer is $30.00!!! I hope they add a cheaper option something in the 12-15 dollar range or else I won't be doing much drinking there, which I planned to.

Looking forward to trying it again after they get more comfortable. Either way, good addition to the neighborhood.

Luke said...

Ate there tonight and a couple of notes.

1. It was packed. We sat outside in the patio area from 6:30 to 7:45 and every table was filled.

2. The service needs a lot of work, but we expected this on the first night so no points taken off there. The waiters were friendly but you could tell they were struggling to keep up. We waited entirely too long for our pizza to come out.

3. The patio is awesome... great spot to sit and chill outside on a nice night.

4. We ordered:
-- 2 glasses of the pinot grigio (yes, by 6:30 they were serving wine. We asked and he said they had just gotten the go-ahead)
-- The Pacci's salad
-- The La Verace pizza

The salad was very good and was enough for the both of us as an appetizer. It had greens, dried cranberries, nuts, cucumber, mozzarella, and cherry tomatoes in a light balsamic vinaigrette.

The pizza (tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil) was also very good, although they skimped on the fresh basil (only 5 tiny withered pieces on the entire pie). I heard them say they were running low on some ingredients, so maybe that's why.

All-in-all, very happy to have pacci's in silver spring, and I will definitely go back in a couple weeks after they get all the kinks worked out. Welcome Pacci's!!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if it is open for lunch yet? I called the number but there was no answer and their website is not yet updated...

Anonymous said...

Just went for lunch and was kind of underwhelmed. That said, the place looks great, and our waiter was really good/friendly/competent. But the meal needed some more practice.

So today was a hot day, and lemonade sounded good. Except i found out before ordering it that it came from the tap. So i tried the iced tea next, and to my surprise it was from the tap, too. To me, that's just lazy. So Pacci's -- brew your own iced tea! It's cheap, and the high fructose lipton crap just isn't the same.

Next came a pacci's salad, which was barely dressed and almost dry. It seems like they drizzled a little balsalmic dressing on top rather than tossing it. And for a $7 salad, the portions were a little skimpy, too. Barely enough for two to share.

Then came what we thought was going to be an al tartufo pizza (mushrooms, truffle oil) with red sauce. It was listed under "Red Pizza," but according to our waiter after we asked, it was a menu mistake. So no sauce. The pizza was good, but they've got a looong way to go before they reach the polish (and taste!) of, say, 2 Amys.

To sum it up, I'm glad to have them in the 'hood, but it'll be awhile before we return. . .

brains from my father said...

My fanily and I went to Pacci's on Friday night. Yes, they need to work out some kinks, put the pizza (a margharita for the girls and the napolitano for the adults) was very very good. Also, the caprise salid was excellent. I'm looking forward to going back in a few weeks when they've ironed out their opening jitters.

socoblogirl said...

Thrilled to have Pacci's in the neighborhood. We also went on Friday night. The wait for service, drinks, pizza was a little long. But the server was super friendly. I'm confident they'll work out the kinks. Perhaps they should have waited another week before opening.
Anyway, the pizzas and salads we tried were very good. I too hope that they start selling some low priced good wine in the $20 range.
And I can't wait for the early morning espresso hit.
Welcome to the neighborhood Spiro and Rosario!!

Springvale Roader said...

Did anyone notice if they offer a vegan cheese option? If not, no biggie for us vegans. I had plenty of cheeseless pizza in Italy, and as long as the crust is good, it's just fine. After a few glasses of red wine, it gets even better.

Still, it would be nice...

Anonymous said...

The sauce on the pizzas is too watery or else overwhelming the crust, because the crust has been limp. Longer cooking times and less sauce might help. As well, the cheese often just starts to melt when the pies are taken from the oven. I would suggest that even 30 seconds more would make a better product.

Having only done take out, I can comment no further, other than that I looked at the wine list, and think they should put in a few more affordable options.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the cheapest bottle of wine I think is 30 bucks. That is a bit too pricey for this area. Keep those wines on their, fine, but how about a 15-20 dollar bottle?