Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Food Update

Forgive me, I know it's been a while since my last post. I've been busy coordinating an NCAA March Madness pool. And I'm sorry to say after the first day, I'm not doing all that well. But it is early!And while I don't have a lot to report here, I did want to pass along what I've heard on our local dining scene.

First, Pacci's Pizzeria. I spoke to Spiro from Pacci's yesterday and he tells me they are getting very close. They are now finishing the drywall and painting will begin next week. I can confirm the drywall work as I stopped by the restaurant on my way in to the office today and saw for myself the drywall work taking place. And while these pics aren't the best, they do provide a little glimpse into what is coming our way.

Spiro is hoping the restaurant will open in mid-April -- right around tax day. If that happens maybe you can take your refund check and exchange it for a few pies. He did not confirm that would be the case, just a little speculation on my part.

Next up, 8407. As we all expected, they will have a spring opening. What I am told is they are "very very close." Sounds familiar. 8407 is having their fire inspection today and it looks like one more inspection is due next week. So I guess if they have plenty of buckets to provide to the "fire brigade" in case Pedro sets the kitchen on fire, then I think they're golden. I'll give an update on this next week, but let's keep our fingers crossed that their doors open very soon.

And unfortunately I don't have any real information to report on Hook & Ladder - although it does appear their doors are open! Well really door, and it's probably just for the construction workers.

To be correct, the name will be Fire Station 1. And if you're in need of a food-industry job, they are hiring. They will actually be holding a job fair March 25 and 26. Check out their website for an employment application.

I've called them over the last couple days and left messages to find out more details, but no call back yet. Like my review is not gonna make or break this place? They better stay on my good side. Otherwise I might have to stumble home from another bar.

But if you've driven by recently, you've obviously seen their construction crew hard at work. They will certainly open after Pacci's and 8407, and based on the job fair, my guess is mid to late May. But that's OK. We'll need the time to frivolously throw our hard-earned money at these other two establishments before FS1 starts pouring us some cold ones.

Finally, two other quick updates. Went by Roger Miller the other day and nothing has changed. I thought I'd see some action going on to ready us for some Peruvian chicken - well, not yet at least. Also, thanks to Springvale Roader, I am now aware that Ceviche has shut its doors. The City Paper reports that chef Javier Angeles-Beron headed south to Miami after unsuccessfully trying to relocate his Olney restaurant Aroma, in Ceviche's location. That's too bad. While I was not a big Ceviche fan, I would have given Aroma a shot to win me over. Ceviche lost me a long time ago.

But who knows what we'll get to replace it. I'm doubtful it will be hair braiding, but you never know.


Anonymous said...

Any word on if the bar that was supposed to go in next to Jackies ever happened? I've been away on business and would love for a new bar to open.

Also, with Ceviche's gone there is starting to be quite a bit of empty space on Ellsworth. Maybe the county shouldn't be so anti bar/business with all of their red tape and we could get more restaurants/bars. They're seriously hurting Silver Spring's growth, and it's a shame.

Anonymous said...

Hey SoCo, good post! Lots of juicy info on what's happening in the south 'Spring restaurant scene. I hadn't realized that the brew pub was going to be called Fire Station 1 - I had always thought they were going with the name of the beer, Hook&Ladder. Oh well, it certainly stays true to the historical roots of the place.

Melanie said...

Man, if they get the brew pub and pizzeria right, I'll never leave Silver Spring! Thanks for the update.

WashingtonGardener said...

How can it be called that when their is an ACTUAL Fire Station #1 directly across the street?!?
8407 looks all done to me - even the bar is stocked.

Anonymous said...

I also think it's odd that Fire Station 1 seems not to mention Hook & Ladder anywhere--can that possibly just be an oversight or is it not the same folks at this point?

Anonymous said...

I wrote an email that was provided on Fire Station 1's website and I got an an email back from the director of operations saying that the name is just a preference, that they are still connected to Hook and Ladder and that they should be opening in the next month or two!

I know, we've heard promises like that before, but I have a feeling it's for real this time, construction definitely seems to be ongoing and they're hiring staff. Looks positive.

cravin good pizza said...

I'm glad that Pacci's Neapolitan Pizza is finally open. Silver Spring has been sorely missing out on first rate pizza and I hear Pacci's brick oven will turn out a pie in only 90 seconds. Open late and on my way home from work? Bring on the Pie's!

Anonymous said...

Silver Spring has bee sorely needing first rate pizza for fat too long. I hear tell that Pacci's brick oven will turn out a thin crust Pie in just 90 seconds. Open late and on my way home from work? I say "Bring on them Pies."

Anonymous said...

I second the call for a decent brewpub/pizza joint. Why does MoCo make it so hard for businesses to get alcohol licenses....

Very disappointed Ceviche's isnt reopening, it added a bit of class to Ellsworth.

We'll try Nicaro 2 this week under the recent advice here.

Mark said...

Go Duke!