Friday, October 24, 2008

Correction - SS Farm Market

OK, I guess it's the last time I trust the SS Penguin. Although now I have no proof!! They edited their site at some point since yesterday to make the correction. And I can't even get a cached version. Believe me, I was sober when I wrote the post.

Anyway, I wrote yesterday stating that this weekend was the last SS Farm Market of the year - based on what I read in the Penguin. But then a reader wrote in to say the Farm Market's web site lists 11/15 as the final Saturday for 2008. Now, we have a new date. According to Fresh Farm Markets, 11/22 will be the last one in SS for the year. So don't fret if you cannot make it this week.

And won't it be nice that after election day, we'll still have 3 weeks to buy our local produce knowing that Republican Party policies have been completely repudiated and Barack Obama is moving to Pennsylvania Ave! Am I counting my chickens too soon?

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