Friday, February 27, 2009

Thai Flavor - redux

One more post on Thai Flavor (8650 Colesville Rd) - since I can officially say I have eaten at the restaurant. My wife and I made our way over last Saturday for lunch. And we are certainly glad we did. But since we did not eat like gluttons, we were only able to try two of the entrees.

My order was the drunken noodles. And I thought I liked dishes pretty spicy, but I was told this one was just regular spicy and boy, I thought it was hot! It certainly cleared my sinuses. It in no way however stopped me from devouring the whole dish. But I could not eat it in Kobayahsi or Joey Chestnut-time. The noodles were well-cooked and there was plenty of wonderful fried tofu, broccoli, and a couple other veg. While the plate here may not look terribly big, this dish was very filling for lunch. We were almost tempted to get an app, but I'm glad we didn't since we would not have had enough room to eat our lunches.

Since I ordered a noodle dish, my wife opted for something with rice. She hit a home run too with an order of the red curry with tofu and veggies. In our books, it's hard to miss when you have fried tofu in your dish. The curry also had a fair amount of spice, but it seemed a little less hot than mine. The curry sauce was very tasty and the vegetables were not overdone. It was enough where we even had some to take home in a doggy back. I think both dishes were about $7 each.

Accompanying our lunches we ordered the ginger ice tea. And while I liked the tea, I thought the level of ginger in it could have been knocked back some. This was certainly a beverage you could not gulp - and I needed to on a couple forkfuls - given the bite of the ginger in the tea.

The two proprietors of Thai Flavor, Wayne and Wendy, are very nice young folks who I certainly welcome into the hood. Wayne was a bit nervous having to come from behind the counter and serve us - since this appeared to be Wendy's job - but he handled it all fine. Not much to mess up here, we had drinks, napkins and silverware and then... lunch.

I just hope given the bad economy they are able to ride things out a while. I think if they do and more development comes to SoCo, their little restaurant will flourish.

On another note, it appears the Big Greek Cafe (8417 Georgia Ave) has opened its doors. I know this is competition for Thai Flavor, but the food choices themselves couldn't be much different. I think the more places we have in the hood, the more foot traffic we'll get and the number of lunch/dinner patrons will grow. Given the recession, any place where you can be served a good meal and spend less than $10 on it, should be a winner. We'll keep our eyes on TF and the BGC and report back in a few months to measure their success. I'm optimistic for both.

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Springvale Roader said...

That's funny. I thought there wasn't enough ginger in the ginger ice tea. Different strokes, y'all.

I do hope this restaurant makes it.